Beauty Works is conveniently located near Magnolia Park, a chain of one of a kind boutiques, where you can find a special something for a special someone, and Beauty Works fits right in!!

The studio was acquired by the current owner back in 1997, and over the past 22 years has transformed it from a conventional salon, to what it is now, a studio with an artsy and eclectic decor that entertains the eyes. Yet, it provides an inviting and comfortable atmosphere that makes both clients and stylists feel at home.

We pride ourselves in providing very personal services, that are customized to each client's needs!

Beauty Works often opens its doors to host workshops, as the owner believes in encouraging entrepreneurs.





Gloria grew up in Puebla, Mexico, then in 1990, at the age of 25 she came to California, without having any friends or family there for support. With the barriers of not speaking the language and adjusting to a whole new lifestyle after three years she finally was able to enroll herself into beauty college in 1993. Finding her calling in the beauty industry she became licensed in 1995. With the challenges and risks that come with acquiring your own business, despite her short experience in the industry she took a chance in 1997 and purchased to rescue her current salon. With enthusiasm and excitement combined with the pressures of having quite the responsibility, she attended seminars in New York and constantly continued to educate herself, but overall her passion and long hours of seven days a week for the first year brought her to build her extended and loyal clientele, that even now after 22 years she continues to enjoy everyday, with the same love and passion as when she began!